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Balancing expertise with readability

It seems that more and more, we are all striving to be ‘experts in our field’, better than and more informed than the rest. But in our quest to be the best, are we in danger of being boring or even irrelevant? Sharing knowledge is a common element of a content writer’s brief. “Show my Read More

The power of targeting your content

If your business is one of the majority whose product offering can appeal to many, how do pitch your content to attract audiences from different target markets? If you were selling oranges for example, it might be helpful for the orange buyer to understand why they should choose your oranges rather than someone else’s. To Read More

The importance of delivering on expectations

I’ve been very disappointed twice recently, by big name brands that quite frankly, I’d expect better service from. One was a holiday company with whom I’ve booked a trip of a lifetime (I’ve a big birthday coming up!). They sent me an email recently to request the balance of payment. Fair enough, the balance is Read More

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The No1 staff training tool? Marketing content!

Think about it for a moment – it’s your marketing communications that tell your customers what to expect if they have dealings with your company. So, shouldn’t your staff be singing from the same hymn sheet? There’s a lot to be learned from the content writers you employ. They put themselves in the position of Read More

Follow these instructions…

Christmas has been and gone, and with it lots of instructions – new child’s games, more adventurous recipes than usual to cook up in the kitchen, and technical household gadgets that should be simple to use but aren’t! Which made me spend more time than usual thinking about who writes these instructions – and how Read More

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Don’t talk to me about solutions!

The lazy man’s terminology starts and ends with solutions – you’ll have come across it many times I’m sure. But what does it actually mean? What does it tell you about how the company you are reading about can actually help you? Some people even use the word in their Company name – it’s just Read More

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