Where do I start with clients!

I’ve had the pleasure of working for businesses across most sectors, in both consumer and business to business markets.

And if I said I’d worked for a hundred clients or more it wouldn’t be an exaggeration! 25 years plus in the advertising and marketing industry have given me plenty of insight into lots of different industry sectors.

From cosmetic surgeons to gardening, technical innovations to training, insurance and charities, the range of work I’m involved with is wide and varied. It’s why I love my job.

But enough about me! What can I do for you?

Client lists are all well and good, but you need to know if I can capture the essence of what you do, and communicate why you’re the best in your field, to your target audience.

It’s this approach that I apply to any business, no matter what the industry, so that your content meets the needs of your customers head on.

But if it’s credentials you need, then there are plenty of those too.